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pátek 18. dubna 2014


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Today is a big day for us as a Minecraft fans. So, I would like to write one more post today. MCPatcher HD Fix for Minecraft. This is a java application that will allows you to switch between texture packs from one size to another sizes.

How to Download MCPatcher for Minecraft

  • Download the correct version of the patcher for your OS.
  • Double-click the patcher.  You should see this:
    Posted Image
  • If the wrong Minecraft version is shown (1.6.1 instead of 1.6.2 for example), use the right-hand dropdown box to select the proper version.
  • If you would like Better Grass (full grass texture on the sides of grass blocks next to other grass blocks), select the Options tab, scroll down to Connected Textures, and check the box next to Better Grass.
  • Click Patch.
  • Close MCPatcher and start the game normally.  Ensure that the patched profile (e.g., MCPatcher, not your username) is selected in the game's launcher.  Or click Test Minecraft to run Minecraft without logging in (single-player only).

MCPatcher WITH FORGE (Process is different)

  • Close MCPatcher for these first steps.
  • Download the Forge/FML/LiteLoader installer for the corresponding version of Minecraft.
  • Run the installer as usual.  If using LiteLoader and you want to chain to Forge, select the appropriate option in the LiteLoader installer.
  • Start the launcher and run the game once with the Forge/LiteLoader profile just created.  This will ensure the necessary libraries are downloaded.
  • Close the game and start MCPatcher.
  • From the Game Version drop-down menu, choose the Forge/LiteLoader version that was just created.  For example, 1.6.2-Forge9.10.0.804 or LiteLoader1.6.2.
  • For Forge or FML, an extra entry will appear in the MCPatcher mods tab, but nothing extra will be added for LiteLoader.  This is normal.
  • Click Patch.
  • Click Test Minecraft, or close MCPatcher and run the launcher, making sure that the correct profile (e.g., MCPatcher) and version (e.g., 1.6.2-Forge9.10.0.804-mcpatcher) are selected.
MCPatcher Download is a java application that will allows you to switch between texture packs from one size to another sizes.

Download : HERE

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