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úterý 22. dubna 2014

Lord v2 HD Resource Pack 1.7.9

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Dear guests and visitors of my website who are looking for a decent resource pack. Today I want to draw your attention to a very good resource pack that is called Lord v2 HD. It will completely change the look of your favorite game and do it efficiently. I think you are already interested, so lets move on to a detailed description of this resource pack.
Lord v2 resource pack is not a simple textures, it is the resource pack in HD quality and in a large expansion of the 64x. All this will transform the graphics and its view to a new beatufiul world, it will bring you a lot of fun. I liked it very much and I can even say that it is a realistic resource pack because the sky in this resource pack looks really natural and realistic.
Not only the sky but also blocks look very beautiful and profitable compared to standard textures. The screenshots is the way you can see how awesome this textures are but to test it, you should probably download and try it personally. The author put a lot of effort on the drawing of each block and the details on it. In addition to blocks flowers and other decorative elements are also perfect.
Lord v2 HD Resource Pack for minecraft (1) Lord v2 HD Resource Pack for minecraft (2) Lord v2 HD Resource Pack for minecraft (3) Lord v2 HD Resource Pack for minecraft (4) Lord v2 HD Resource Pack for minecraft (5) Lord-v2-hd-resource-pack-5

Download : HERE

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