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čtvrtek 16. května 2013

Jerry’s Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2 and 1.6

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For those of you who watch CaptainSparklez’ modded survival minecraft series, this mod will bring some comfort.  As those of you who watch this series know, Jerry passed away in a tragic despawning accident.  This mod is here to make his memory live on, and show his ghost that he will not be forgotten.  Note:  The tools in this mod are made exactly like vanilla tools with different materials, so I will not be posting images of the recipes.  Let’s start off with the worldgen, as every good mod review does.  Slime ore is the only thing added in the worldgen.  When mined it gives Slime Ore, and when smelted it gives a slime shard.  It also gives off light.  You can craft slimeballs with this mod by putting dirt, lime dye, and water into a crafting table to get four.  You can then use slimeballs to craft Slime Shards (yes, there’s a crafting recipe as well) by putting the four slimeballs in the corners of a workbench, one gold in each edge, and a diamond in the middle.  With that recipe, we can take a guess and say the slime ore is really rare.  Then, by putting eight slime shards around a diamond block inside of a crafting table, you’ll get a slime gem, which is used to make tools and Jerry Gems.  Both of these are used to make tools, swords, and armor.  I’ll get into those later, but first I’ll go into the Slime heads which are craftable with this mod.  You put four slimeballs in a T shape in a crafting table with two obsidian to fill in the edges to make them.  The slime tamer is also in there, but it has no use at the moment.  It’s crafted with two sticks and a slimeball in a crafting table like a shovel, then you put a gold ingot on the two edge blocks by the middle stick.  Now, the slime and jerry armor are made exactly like vanilla armor, but the tools and swords require blaze rods instead of sticks and slime/jerry gems instead of wood, stone, etc.  The slime stuff is better than diamond, and Jerry is better than slime.  The shovels completely obliterate dirt and sand.

Jerry’s Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2 and 1.6 Main Features

  • Slime and Jerry related content

Jerry’s Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2 and 1.6 Pros and Cons

  • Good armor
  • Expensive armor

Jerry’s Mod Version 1.2 for Minecraft 1.5.2 and 1.6 Changelog

  • Nerfed Swords
  • Added Slime Stick
  • Changed Jerry Set Recipes and textures

How to Install Jerry’s Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2 and 1.6

  1. Install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download Jerry’s Mod
  3. Drag the downloaded archive into .minecraft\mods
  4. Run minecraft and enjoy.
Please note, the recipes listed here may be out-dated.
Download ; HERE

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