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pátek 3. května 2013

Flintlock Weapons Mod for Minecaft 1.5.1 and 1.5.2

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Minecraft bows are nice and all, but you have to pull them back all the way in the middle of a fight to do any good damage with them.  Granted, some of these guns aren’t much of an improvement, but you can load them up before you go into a battle.  This mod adds in six guns; the Makeshift Pistol, Pistol, Double-Barrel Pistol, Revolver, Musket, and the Hand Cannon.
Flintlock Weapons Mod Flintlock Weapons Mod Flintlock Weapons Mod Flintlock Weapons Mod
It also has a few gun parts and some ammo, which I’ll get to in a minute.  The first gun is the Makeshift Pistol, which has 5 durability, a ten block range, a 1/15 misfire chance, and a 2/3 chance to one-shot normal monsters (everything except the Wither and Ender Dragon).  Crafted and loaded like so;

Posted Image
Posted Image
Every gun is loaded in your crafting table in a similar way.  The thing to the left of the gunpowder is a pebble, which is made by placing a piece of gravel in your crafting table.  This gives you four pebbles.  The next upgrade is a Pistol.  You’ll need a gun barrel and a flintlock mechanism, made like this:
Posted Image
Posted Image
Already looks expensive, doesn’t it?  Here’s the gun assembly itself:
Pistol Recipe Posted Image
You load it just like the last pistol, but with Buck Shot or Round Shot.  You get Round Shot by cooking iron in a furnace, and it produces four.  Buck shot needs a round shot, paper, and string to make.  Buck shot spreads in all guns, and reduces range. Round shot shoots one round and has a longer range.  The gun itself has 100 durability, holds only one shot, and has a decent range.  It’s the most durable gun.  The next gun up is the double barrel pistol, made like so:
Double Barrel Pistol
Posted Image
Holds two shots, decent range, 60 durability.  The next gun is the Revolver, crafted like this:
Posted Image
Revolver Cylinder
Posted Image
Holds six shots, decent range, 37 durability.  The musket is the next gun, and the durability’s a bit misleading.  Crafted like so:
Posted Image
Holds one shot, hits anything you can see, and has 500 durability.  Now, I said the pistol’s the most durable.  The reason this thing has 500 durability is because of the bayonet.  It acts as an iron sword and takes one durability from the gun.  Shooting takes ten off.  This requires two gunpowder and some form of ammunition.  The next gun is the Hand Cannon, which is crafted like this:
Large Gun Barrel
Posted Image
Hand Cannon
Posted Image
Expensive, holds one shot, has the range of a musket, shoots in an arc, 12 shots of durability, 0 misfire chance.  Cannon balls also explode on impact.  To load it you need to prime it then load it.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Expensive, but explosive.  The shots explode on impact with anything.

Flintlock Weapons Mod for Minecaft 1.5.1 Main Features

  • Guns
  • Cannon

Flintlock Weapons Mod for Minecaft 1.5.1 Pros and Cons

  • Easier kills on mobs
  • The guns are kind of expensive, and a bit overpowered.

Flintlock Weapons Mod for Minecaft 1.5.1 Installation Guide

  1. Install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download the Flintlock Weapons Mod
  3. Drag the downloaded archive into your mods folder
  4. Run minecraft and enjoy.
Download : HERE

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