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středa 3. dubna 2013

Nyan Cat Mod for Minecraft 1.5.1

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Nyan Cat Mod for Minecraft 1.5.1

Do you love that little pop tart cat who makes that addictive tune? Well don’t you want him in your world? Well now you can with the Nyan Cat Mod for Minecraft. This mod allows you to get your very own Nyan Cat in the game and even ride him. When you install this mod, there are 2 crafting recipes you should take note of:

This little recipe will give you the Nyan Cat spawn egg. Used to spawn in this pop tart creature. From there, you will want to catch yourself some raw fish so you can kind of tame it. Then you will get a HUGE lag spike when you get on Nyan Cat for the first time but dont quit the game. Wait about 20 seconds as the game has to load the audio track into the cat. Also, when pausing the game whilst the music is playing will restart the song.
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This crafting recipe gets you the disk in which the Nyan cat theme song plays. However the radius in which the music plays is low. This means that you dont have to go very far for the music to fade out. Also, when the music is playing and you pause the game, the audio will stop.

How to Install Nyan Cat Mod for Minecraft 1.5.1

  1. Download Forge ModLoader
  2. Click on the start button
  3. Search for %appdata% in the search bar
  4. Click on the folder Roaming
  5. Open the folder .minecraft
  6. Open the bin folder
  7. Install WinRar if you havent already
  8. Right click the minecraft.jar file
  9. Then open with WinRar 
  10. Delete META-INF folder
  11. Open the ModLoader.zip archive
  12. Drag and drop the files from ModLoader.zip to minecraft.jar
  13. Download and open the NyanCat.zip archive
  14. Drag and drop the files from the “into minecraft.jar” folder to minecraft.jar
  15. Drag and drop the files from the “resources” folder into the resources folder in .minecraft
Download : HERE

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