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středa 3. dubna 2013

Convenient Inventory Mod for Minecraft 1.5.1

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Convenient Inventory Mod for Minecraft 1.5.1

Since I first started minecraft, I was thinking “this place is so full of plants, where do I build my little cottage”, and yes an idea of cutting trees came in. Guess what happened next? my inventory was full of plants and i took 30minutes… 30MINUTES!! to clear my inventory. This mod was made to solve this mystery, you will be able to drag a big chunck of things around which means you can throw things out of your inventory faster. This mod also enables you to change your hot key’s so it kinda suit you more.

Smarygeek’s Convenient Inventory Mod Features

Inventory mod
Like i’ve said this mod enable you to drag stack of things which makes your inventory dirty out, which means 1 click per 10 “stack” of wood, not 1 click for a stack. Most of all this thing works in the multiplayer minecraft.
Key modify
Just make your life better for people who hate going up with “w” or down with “s”, this mod helps you to customize your controls!!
This mod aim’s for a more convinient useage of inventory and saves whole lot more time. 
I’m not so sure about the credits here but I guess there are 2 people doing this and it’s Smartygeek and Evenprime. So thanks both of you.. or who ever did this but for me your my savior and you stopped my finger ache (by clicking too often).Convenient Inventory Mod

How to Install Convenient Inventory Mod for Minecraft 1.5.1

  1. Download Convenient Inventory
  2. Move the “.class” file in your “.minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar.
  3. For people who don’t know where .minecraft is,
  4. Go to “run”, type “%appdata%”, and KABOOMM! should be infront of you.
  5. Delete the minecraft “META.INF” folder that is inside “minecraft.jar”
  6. Have fun minecrafting
 Download : HERE

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