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sobota 27. dubna 2013

Biome Wand Mod For Minecraft 1.5.1 and 1.5.2

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Another cool feature of Minecraft as a game is the availability of different biomes. Some places snow, but some places are always under the burning sunlight. Some places are covered with fresh green plants, but some places are barren with no living things on them. Different biomes become home to different mobs. This whole idea of biomes is really what makes the Minecraft world a more interesting and awesome place.  However, distances between them may be unmeasurable. You might have to travel days and even weeks just to be in the biome you like. Don’t like such a long, boring journey? Check this out!
Biome Wand Mod
Biome Wand Mod is a mod that will add a magical wand. This magical wand will enable players to remember and store any biome they were once in and bring that biome out to wherever they point the wand at. For example, if you like the snowy biome, you can make a right-click with the wand to store it. Then, when you are in a different biome, you can bring that snowy biome out to whichever biome you are currently in. Awesome, isn’t it? Try the mod and become the biome magician!

Biome Wand Mod For Minecraft 1.5.1 and 1.5.2 Main Feature

  • The mod will add a magical wand that will enable players to store biomes and bring them out anytime with a right-click with that wand.

Biome Wand Mod For Minecraft 1.5.1 and 1.5.2 Pros and Cons

This magical ability will really create a more fascinating experience. By changing the biome with the wand, you will be able to do enjoy the biome you like anytime in any other biomes.
A stored biome will only be available for a few times. Also, this ability will have effect on a small area only.

How to Install Biome Wand Mod For Minecraft 1.5.1 and 1.5.2

  1. Download the mod file.
  2. Install Minecraft Forge.
  3. Open the “run” search bar and type “%appdata%”.
  4. Open the .minecraft folder.
  5. Open the mods folder.
  6. Move the downloaded mod file into the mods folder.
  7. Delete META-INF.
  8. Enjoy!
Download : HERE

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