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sobota 2. března 2013

5 villages, very nice extream biome seed

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I've been exploring this seed for a few days now.  You spawn mere blocks away from a ravine with a MS at the bottom.Posted Image

Just a little to the west from here is a Village with a blacksmith.  A neat feature here is a farm that is partially covered by a hill.  In fact it is so covered that the back corner block of wheat will not grow due to lack of light.Posted Image

South from here is the second village, the only one without a blacksmith.  What is does have though is a Zombie spawner across the pond in the side of that hill.
Posted Image

Between these 2 villages is a very nice extreme hill biome. Here is just one feature.  All of the other EH's that I have explored have tonnes of floating islands, tunnels, and overhangs, many over or next to bodies of water.Posted Image

The 3rd village is north of the one near spawn.  I found it at night and did not see the Jungle temple next to it until the sun had come up.  A very nice picture.Posted Image

The 4th village is further north still, just off a large map if centered from the village at spawn.  It is situated near a very nice EH formation.  It also has a zombie spawner right next to the blacksmith.Posted Image

The 5th village is the smallest and it is east of the 4th village.  It too has a very nice view of some EH's.  The picture doesn't really do it justice.Posted Image

That's a quick trip around what you will find in one large map centered at spawn.  5 villages, 4 with blacksmiths nicely spaced apart, and lots and lots of really nice extreme hill features.  I'll post any other interesting features as I find them.Also i recomend to have a Rei Minimap mod.

seed : 6758493021

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